Founded by a group of entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts and blockchain security researchers from leading smart contract security companies, Web3Sec News is the go-to platform for developers to get the ultimate source of truth for the latest web3 hacks and trends.

Blockchain developers and web3 security experts of all skill levels and backgrounds, rely on our platform for the latest trends, hacks, vulnerabilities, tools and resources to help them stay ahead of security risks as the world moves into the next iteration of the internet.


our mission

Because blockchain security is a highly complex field that is constantly evolving, it is essential that auditors always be at the top of their game. That's why our mission is to empower the blockchain security community with the skills, knowledge and resources to help make the next iteration of the internet safe for everyone.

Our vision ? To become the index for all things security in the blockchain community.

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Web3Sec Contributors

Chirag Agrawal


Orchestrating the project's success through strategic contributions across operations, business, strategy, product, and marketing.

Lucas M. Calderon


Pioneering with entrepreneurial flair to elevate projects to new heights.

Andrew Law

Core Contributor & Technical Writer

Infusing creativity and captivating content to drive the project's holistic growth.

Vedant Nandwana

Design Engineer

Instrumental in laying the groundwork for the project's design and development.

Hemendra Sharma

Platform Engineer

Plays a vital role in driving the project's DevOps efforts, offering insightful ideation and development support.

Gaurav Singh


Key contributor to the project's success by constructing essential scrapers pivotal to its functionality.


Frontend Developer

A creative force behind the project's frontend development, contributing innovative design ideas.



Leads the charge in both frontend and backend development, shaping significant project features.

Victor Okafor

Smart Contract Auditor

Brings the project to life with a Discord bot delivering real-time news updates, enhancing user engagement.


Building ERC4337 @etherspot

Facilitates seamless integration by sharing invaluable code assets and expertise from auditcrew.xyz.


EVM developer

Empowers the community with informative Web3 security blogs, fostering knowledge sharing and growth.

Jose María

Blockchain Engineer

A dedicated contributor, sharing insightful Web3 security blogs to enrich the community's understanding.