100proof | How He Uncovered a $100M Exploit in KyberSwap







Tune in to learn how @1_00_proof uncovered a $100M exploit in @KyberSwap !


PodShorts: Bounty Hunting in Smart Contracts

Unlock the World of Smart Contracts with 'Hake' and '100proof'. Dive into the exhilarating realm of bounty hunting in the latest podcast transcript featuring 'Hake' and '100proof.' This dynamic duo unveils their gripping experiences navigating the intricate landscape of smart contracts, offering a glimpse into the riveting world of digital pursuit.

From Developer to Bounty Hunter: 100proof's Odyssey

Embark on a captivating journey as 100proof recounts his evolution from a software developer to a seasoned bounty hunter. Uncover the pivotal moment when he recognized the untapped potential in auditing, setting the stage for his unique foray into the realm of decentralized technologies.

Strategic Auditing: Navigating Complexity and Reputation

Get an insider's perspective as 100proof spills the beans on his auditing strategy. Learn how he meticulously selects projects based on complexity, scrutinizing the reputation and track record of project teams when it comes to bug bounty payouts. Discover the delicate balance between risk and reward in the pursuit of securing smart contracts.

Mastering the Art: Perseverance and Technical Prowess

Join 'Hake' and '100proof' in a discussion that delves deep into the heart of bounty hunting. Explore the indispensable role of perseverance and mastery in coding languages, mathematics, and a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in successful audits. Gain insights into the challenges they faced and the triumphs that fuel their passion.

Formal Verification and the Quest for Web3 Security

Uncover the duo's insights on formal verification and the pressing need for preventative solutions in the ever-evolving Web3 community. As they unravel the complexities of securing decentralized systems, discover the symbiotic relationship between innovation and security in the digital frontier.

Conclusion: A Bounty of Challenges and Triumphs

As the podcast summary draws to a close, reflect on the challenges and triumphs shared by 'Hake' and '100proof.' Their shared passion for bounty hunting resonates, leaving listeners intrigued and inspired. For an in-depth exploration, tune in to the original podcast and unravel the full narrative of their journey through the exciting landscape of smart contract security. Listen now and elevate your understanding of the bounty hunting universe.