Uncovering Token Streaming and it's implications with Sablier founder Paul R. Berg







Sablier is a token streaming protocol known to have one of the best codebases foundry based solidity codebases. In this episode, we speak of founder Paul R. Berg to understand how and why Sablier was built. We also touch on longevity which is one of the founder's passions.


The podcast features an in-depth conversation between Paul Berg, the co-founder and CEO of Sablier Labs and the host, Hake. Paul has developed a payment protocol on Ethereum called Sablier, focusing on token streaming. Paul speaks extensively on the organization, the functioning of the protocol and its implications for the financial ecosystem. The protocol 'streams', incrementing funds from a sender to a recipient over time, essentially making payments continuous, akin to money per second.

Paul also discusses his background and journey into the blockchain technology space along with his experience working with various startups. He adds he is a strong advocate of longevity and has a hobby of experimenting with different ways to extend human lifespan.

He further elaborates on the implication that the Sablier protocol could potentially change the way incentive structures work within an organization, moving from standard monthly or biweekly payouts to a continuous streaming model. This could lead to people being brought into a more composable financial ecosystem.

Paul also discusses the extensive testing procedure followed at Sablier to ensure the robustness of their protocol. He elaborates on their testing philosophy, explaining the use of several categories such as unit, integration, invariants, and fork tests to produce a diverse set of attack vectors to test their protocol.

Transitioning into the topic of longevity, Paul shares his personal practices which includes regular exercise, sound sleep practices, specific nutrition habits and supplement intake. He advocates for a data-driven approach to managing health and professes his interest in the idea of hacking physiological systems for better health and well-being.