The Ins And Outs Of Bug Bounty Hunting







@0xriptide is one of the most prolific bug bounty hunters in the space. In this episode he shares his insight into the ins and outs of bug bounty hunting! We also touch on: What Gives Him An Edge (Top Secret) How To Cope With Ups And Downs Of Bounty Hunting Why and How to Build a Reputation Building Good Habits Early On and Persistence in Life


Unlocking Bug Bounties

Dive into cybersecurity with Riptide as he unveils his work process, negotiating bug bounties, and navigating challenges. Explore the need for revamped incentives and gain expert advice for bug hunting success. Join the adventure!

Code, Negotiation, Victory

Riptide delves into critical vulnerabilities, skillful negotiation, and triumphs in the bug bounty landscape. Navigate hurdles, understand delayed rewards, and master the art of securing payments in this dynamic realm.

Incentives and Challenges

Discover the need for revamped incentives in bug bounty hunting. Riptide discusses challenges like withheld payouts and proposes solutions to encourage white hat activity. Explore the evolving landscape and its impact on bounty hunters.

Platform Strategies & Advice

Uncover Riptide's platform suggestions and valuable advice for building a reputation in bug hunting. Learn strategic approaches, gain insights into successful reputation-building, and navigate the dynamic field with an experienced hunter's wisdom.

Persistence and Discipline

Riptide emphasizes the importance of persistence and discipline in bug hunting. Gain insights into the mindset needed for success and understand the dedication required to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

Continuing the Hunt

Join Riptide on a resolute journey, concluding with the intention to persist in the thrilling world of bug hunting. Explore untold stories and discover more beyond the snippets shared here.