Nisedo: Beating Cancer And Finding His Passion For Security







@nisedo_ is an aspiring security researcher that was fortunate to join @cmichelio @HickupH and @pashovkrum during a CTF in real life. Tune in to hear: How he created this opportunity for himself. What he learned from this experience. His plans for the future.


This podcast is about Nisedo's journey in becoming a smart contract auditor. Nisedo shares his background and how he started learning to code at a young age. He then talks about his experience working in the tech consulting firm and eventually becoming interested in blockchain technology.

Nisedo opens up about his battle with cancer and how it changed his perspective on life. After recovering, he decides to pursue his passion for Solidity and smart contract auditing. Nisedo shares his experience at the DeFi Security Summit and how he partnered with C. Michel, Hiccup, and Pashov for a CTF competition.

He discusses the importance of teamwork and the impressive skills of his teammates. Nisedo reflects on the gap between his auditing skills and those of the top auditors but remains motivated to learn and improve. He plans to immerse himself in auditing, participate in contests, and attend web3 events.

Nisedo also reveals his aspiration to work at Cyfrin Audit or Spearbit and contribute to the growth of the industry. The conversation emphasizes the value of giving back to the community and the rewards it brings.