Patrick Collins: How To Solve The Web3 Security Problem







Patrick is the CEO of Cyfrin and CodeHawks. He is responsible for onboarding many if not most of web3 developers through his 100% high-quality content. His commitment to the space is nothing short of inspiring.



Dive into the riveting journey of Patrick, transitioning from traditional finance to a crypto maestro. Uncover his evolution from hedge fund wizard to software virtuoso, culminating in his current crypto trailblazing role.

Decoding the Crypto Odyssey

Embark on Patrick's odyssey as he illuminates the crypto industry's inner workings. From financial traditions to hedge fund intricacies and software symphonies, his narrative unfolds with each digital step.

Empowering Minds: Free Crypto Education

Unveil Patrick's commitment to democratizing crypto knowledge. Explore his advocacy for free, high-quality crypto education, shaping minds and dismantling barriers in the financial frontier.

Fair Finance: Smart Contracts & Beyond

Delve into Patrick's vision for fairness in finance through the alchemy of smart contracts. Discover how he engineers equity, transparency, and trust, forging a path towards a more equitable financial future.

Cyfrin Chronicles: Audits and Platforms

Peer into the realm of Cyfrin, Patrick's brainchild, bridging the gap between security audits and competitive auditing platforms. Unravel the challenges woven into the fabric of such pioneering platforms.

Tokenized Realms: Crypto's Evolution

Witness the rise of real-world assets in the crypto universe. Patrick sheds light on the ascent of tokenized assets, navigating the challenges and opportunities within this dynamic domain.