Maika (Webacy CEO): Empowering Self Custody And Enabling Crypto Wills







Maika is a big proponent of self custody and has founded Webacy to empower people to do it safely!


Throughout the conversation, they discuss Webacy. Webacy is a tool that has been created to enhance the security of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The system works as a security suite that allows users to assess risk, monitor assets, and act in case of an emergency. Specifically, it aggregates a variety of on-chain safety and security data, monitors real-time notifications for wallet activity, and has a panic button for emergency situations.

They also discuss future developments for Webacy, with the goal of protecting more digital assets beyond just blockchain-based ones. Maika mentions their plan to broaden their services to other chains, improve their platform user experience, and perhaps implement Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol integrations to cater to their users' needs further.

Maika also shares Webacy's focus on maintaining a strong trust relationship with their users, such as maintaining their codebase privately, conducting regular security audits with reliable partners, and setting up a bug bounty for any potential vulnerabilities.

The conversation later shifts to broader topics in the crypto and blockchain space, including talking about protocols like ZK (Zero-knowledge proof), the challenges of implementing security measures within the fast-paced and continuously evolving blockchain industry, and how Webacy is striving to change the negative narratives around crypto through their safety and security tools.

Toward the end of the podcast, Maika and Hake discuss the advent of on-chain identity, which could potentially solve issues with traditional identity verification and border crossing procedures. Despite the foreseeable challenges with its integration, they both agree that on-chain identity could create a more seamless and secure identity verification process in the digital world.

The podcast concludes with Maika expressing Webacy's future aim to develop and build products that add value to the crypto space and cater to the needs of its users.