Ellie: How Code4rena Went From Dust To Stardom







Ellie has been part of the C4 team since the beginning. She walks us through how the platform evolved and how it was able to overcome the challenges while it scales as the first of its kind.


The podcast features a conversation between the hosts, Ellie and Hake, where they discuss the workings of Code Arena (C4). Code Arena is a platform that conducts bug bounty programs to help improve the security of projects in the web 3 ecosystem.

Hake initiates the discussion by asking about how Code Arena audits are organized. Ellie explains in detail the measures taken to ensure fair and efficient competition. A robust booking team, keen on ensuring that audits are set up correctly and efficiently, orchestrates audits.

Ellie also provides insight into the work of judges, revealing the meticulous process they go through in evaluating an extensive list of submissions from competitors. This effort brings out the thoroughness and impartiality of the judges.

The platform's recognition among developers is also discussed, with Ellie citing the multi-layered auditing processes and community-centric approach as key differentiating factors. Hake discusses the evolution of Code Arena, including the introduction of bot races and other innovative changes that have been implemented to improve the auditing process.

Hake asks Ellie for tips for community members (known as 'wardens') interested in participating. Ellie recommends reading through past reports, asking questions in the discord community, and considering forming teams for improved results.

In this podcast, the duo also discusses the educational value of Code Arena and highlights how once the competencies of different contributors are identified, they can be deployed to create learning opportunities for others.