Bytes: Pressure Makes Diamonds







In this podcast, Bytes talks about his dissatisfaction with doing solo audits, the need to pair up with other auditors for team audits, the importance of goals and drive, and his idea of building a team of security researchers - all fueled by an intense work ethic shaped by his unique past experiences.


The podcast features a conversation between Hake and Bytes, who shares insights about his career and strong work ethic. Bytes emphasizes the value of working hard and discusses his workflow, thoughts on team versus solo audits, and life experiences that shaped his commitment to diligence.

The discussion begins with light-hearted banter and progresses to the importance of team audits. Bytes believes team collaboration enhances the learning process and makes work more interesting. He shares his own experience of finding solo audits boring, leading him to prefer team-oriented work.

Hake stresses transparency in auditing, advising that if an auditor isn't among the top players, they should communicate potential limitations to clients. Managing customer expectations is crucial, especially in solo audits, according to Hake.

Bytes opens up about his personal life, revealing how tough times during his formative years contributed to his strong work ethic. He believes in creating smaller daily goals, establishing a feedback loop, and embracing the process of trying, failing, and learning.

Bytes highlights his experience managing teams throughout his career. Despite chaos, he values having a team willing to grind alongside him. Witnessing others push as hard as he does motivates him, emphasizing the importance of team dynamics.