Harrison: Gas Bad, Twitter Good







In this podcast, Harrison, co-founder of Gaslite, a gas optimization auditing company, discusses his career in the blockchain industry, the importance of optimizing gas in coding and running a successful Web3 company, his working process, and his anticipation for the future of Web3 gaming.


The podcast features Harrison, co-founder of Gaslite, a gas optimization auditing company. Harrison introduces Gaslite's mission to reduce gas prices on smart contracts and shares insights on using Twitter for business growth, including tips like deleting underperforming tweets.

Harrison narrates his journey in Web3 and Twitter, from informative tweets to humorous 'shit posts.' He underscores the importance of authenticity in building a personal brand and highlights Twitter's role in acquiring clients for Gaslite, even sharing a funny anecdote about tweeting during dinner times.

Harrison critiques CertiK, an auditing firm, citing flaws in their process. He provides a deep dive into gas optimization auditing, explaining Gaslite's operations and the benefits of a gas audit.

Expressing excitement about Web3 gaming, Harrison envisions revolutionary innovations. He shares his plan to hire interns quarterly for knowledge enhancement and training, hinting at a potential Gaslite course in the pipeline to make gas optimization learning accessible to all.