Shung: Finding a Uniswap Bug - Déjà Vu







In this podcast, a cybersecurity expert named Shung discusses his journey into the crypto space, his methodologies for finding and resolving bugs or vulnerabilities in crypto protocols, the role of AI in crypto security in the future, and his interest in real-asset tokenization and zero-knowledge cryptography. CryptoFriends Uniswap Bug Report


The podcast features a security researcher named Shung, discussing experiences and perspectives in the crypto and DeFi spaces. Hosted by Hake, the episode explores Shung's professional journey, methodology, and insights into the future of smart contract security.

Shung, an independent security researcher at kebabsec and Spear Bit, shares his experiences, including his previous role at Pangolin Exchange on Avalanche. He expresses concerns about Avalanche's emphasis on hype and digital marketing over solid technology and security.

Shung delves into his role in developing 'Flood Plane,' a protocol, and recounts his bug hunting experience, highlighting a vulnerability he discovered in the Uniswap project.